Get started – table of contents


render glitch signup

1. Create your user profile

To use our platform you need to sign up to access the dashboard which is free and no credit card is required.

Create new user

2. Login in the web app

After confirmation of the link sent to your email address you can access your private user’s dashboard.

Login dashboard

3. Buy rendering credits

If you are planning to go through extended usage you may need rendering credits which may vary depending on your project, if unsure feel free to contact us.

Recharge credits

4. Create your first project

When you are ready you can upload your project in our platform, follow the steps that will be showed to set up everything, the project must be packed with texture and other assets in a single .zip file. after the upload you can start the rendering

New project

5. Preview your frames

While rendering is progressing, you will be able to see your rendered frames and download them to inspect.

New rendering

Choose your 3D Software:

rendering software

select your software from the available ones

Choose your 3D Rendering engine:

rendering engine

select your software from the available ones

Set your rendering:

from this menu you can edit some mandatory information, other settings are directly inherited from your project file

With this selector you can specify if you are going to render a single image or a sequence of images

You can override the resolution by this selector.

This option gives the possibility to convert yor sequence in a movie .H264 / .MP4

Finally set the frame range of your sequence that you need to render

Upload your project files:

After clicking in the file input bar you will be prompt to upload your assets, make sure they are all packed:

  1. Find all your assets like the software file and textures and put them under one directory (e.g. /user/myProject.blend | /user/assets/…).
  2. You may need to strip all paths (may vary for each software)
  3. If you are using windows: select all > right click > send to > compressed folder
  4. You are ready to upload your file

Project Details